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"...So, yeah, we'll be taking your heart!" - Sayaka

"Yeah! We're gonna take it!" - Anzu (OneeChanbara ORIGIN)

Anzu (杏 Anzu?) and Sayaka (さやか Sayaka?) are a pair of zombie sisters and recurring bosses in the OneeChanbara series. Anzu, the younger sister, wields a pair of iron claws while Sayaka, the elder sister, wields a giant iron flail.

Like Anna, they are voiced by Kazusa Amagai in Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, whereas in OneeChanbara ORIGIN, they are voiced by Minami Muta.


As Undead schoolgirls, Anzu and Sayaka are always wearing tattered Japanese school uniforms.


Anzu and Sayaka were Undead spirits who fed at the "Gate of Impurity." Anzu was given Saki's Baneful Blood, turning her from a low-tier spirit into an upper-tier one. The zombie sisters were physical manifestations of the grudge held by a pair of assassin sisters who died at a young age. They're weapons were holdovers from their previous lives as assassins.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Anzu and Sayaka were two sisters and members of the Baneful Bloodline. Sayaka was renown for her inhuman strength. Unfortunately, the two sisters were subject to the mortal Baneful tradition of sisters fighting to the death. Sayaka slew Anzu in battle and long regretted it. She died an unknown death sometime after their death battle.

The two sisters were later reanimated through Eva's powers. Having become their mistress, Eva ordered Anzu and Sayaka to kill Aya, another member of the Baneful Bloodline, and take her heart. While Sayaka clearly remembered their tragic past, Anzu remembered little of her past with the sole exception that Sayaka is her older sister.


THE OneeChanbara[]

Anzu and Sayaka are Undead spirits reanimated by Saki to do her bidding. Aya first battles Anzu at the hospital and defeats her. Afterwards, she battles her again alongside her "sister" Sayaka and defeats them before asking them where she can find their master. Aya fights them again in the underground temple.

THE OneeChanbara 2[]

The zombie sisters return, this time summoned by Eva. They are fought in the mall and defeated by Aya, Saki, and Reiko. They are fought again in Eva's underground temple.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos[]

Anzu and Sayaka return for a second time, this time summoned by Evange. Kagura and the gang battle the sisters on a beach in Los Angeles. They are fought again in Evange's underground research facility, right before her throne room.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Anzu is the first zombie sister to be encountered by Aya at the abandoned hospital. Although Aya initially mistakes Anzu for her sister Saki, Anzu is seen eating a zombie arm. After finally noticing Aya and telling her that she was given the order to kill her, Anzu battles Aya. During the battle, Anzu mistakes Aya's remote conversation with Lei as Aya being crazy. After being defeated by Aya, she narrowly escapes her to run back to Sayaka on the rooftop.

When Aya finally arrives to the rooftop, Sayaka declares to Aya her self-proclaimed duty as an older sister to protect her younger sister. Before Sayaka can complete her self-introduction, Anzu butts in excitedly to tell her sister that the woman before them is Aya. Sayaka responds with understanding and attempts to quiet her down. However, Anzu expresses excitement at the thought of their mistress Eva praising them for retrieving Aya's heart. Finally, Sayaka commands her to be quiet, causing Anzu to pout. Having regained the spotlight, Sayaka declares to Aya that she will take her heart. Anzu however childishly repeats her declaration, causing Sayaka to cringe with embarrassment.

During the battle, Sayaka expresses confusion at the sight of Aya seemingly speaking to no one in particular (when in actuality she is speaking remotely to Lei), to which Anzu concludes that Aya is crazy and has difficulty keeping her laughter in check at the thought of Eva going similarly crazy from eating Aya's heart. Sayaka once again tells Anzu to be quiet, causing Anzu to pout again.

At the halfway point of the battle, Anzu is the first to be defeated and expresses her pain to Sayaka. Worried for Anzu's safety, Sayaka grabs her collar and launches her over the side of the rooftop, screaming to Anzu to survive before entering Berserk Form. Aya expresses confusion towards Sayaka's action, to which Sayaka restates her duty to protect her younger sister. Sayaka states her surprise at encountering another member of the Baneful Bloodline who is able to fight toe-to-toe with her. Aya correctly infers from Sayaka's statement that she is of the Baneful Bloodline, causing Sayaka to realize that she said too much. As the battle drags on, a desperate Sayaka expresses her desire to be with her little sister. An observant Aya takes notice of this before finally defeating Sayaka, fatally wounding her.

For her dying words, Sayaka expresses gratitude to Eva for reviving her and Anzu. She believes that she fulfilled her mission to protect her younger sister, saying that she is glad Anzu is alive again before finally passing away. Moved by Sayaka's dedication to her younger sister, Aya clasps her hands together as part of her family's tradition to take responsibility for their actions.

Anzu is re-encountered a few days later by Aya, Saki, and Lei in the mall's basement. With Sayaka's flail in tow along with her iron claws, Anzu declares her desire for revenge on Aya for killing Sayaka, wishing to use Aya's heart to resurrect her older sister. Saki, realizing that she was in a similar situation a few days ago, decides to battle Anzu herself. Saki believes that she understands Anzu's pain, but Anzu reminds her that her own sister Aya is alive. Saki then states that she will be Anzu's opponent, angering Anzu into a Berserk Form with an electric aura while Saki assumes her powerful Xtatic Form.

As the two younger sisters battle each other, Saki argues with Anzu that Eva does not care for Anzu and Sayaka, claiming that her promises are actually lies. Anzu however does not want to hear any of Saki's words, only desiring to kill her so she can have a shot at killing Aya. The battle ends with Saki fatally wounding Anzu.

A reeling and dying Anzu looks to Sayaka's flail. Believing that her older sister had been with her the whole time, Anzu smiles peacefully before passing away. Saki wishes for Anzu to be with Sayaka in the afterlife and clasps her hands together to take responsibility.



Onechanbara Z2: Chaos
Every time Anzu was defeated by Aya, she lost more of her memories. She eventually started to think of Sayaka as her true older sister. She wishes to become the number one most beautiful zombie in the world.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN
Anzu loves her older sister Sayaka dearly, just as she did when they both still lived. Although she was reanimated, she remembers very little of her past with the exception that Sayaka is her sister. She is very childish, often innocently butting in when Sayaka tried to introduce herself to Aya. However, her love for Sayaka is genuine, as expressed by her desire to kill Aya for having killed her older sister.

She is enamored of Sayaka's superhuman strength and calls her "Sissy" (アネキ Aneki) as a result. She wishes to one day master Sayaka's flail, but she is much too clumsy with it and therefore has not wielded it correctly even once.


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos
Although Sayaka was summoned repeatedly to do others' biddings, she always managed to keep her own will due to the sheer strength of her determination. She gets along well with Anzu as if they are real sisters. Although her hobby is karaoke, Sayaka always feels the irresistible urge to destroy the machine. As such, she's never finished a song.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN
Sayaka loves Anzu dearly, just as she did when they both still lived. She long regretted killing Anzu in a fight to the death. Unlike Anzu, Sayaka remembers their tragic past clearly after being reanimated. As such, Sayaka resolves to protect Anzu at all costs as an atonement for her past sin.

Sayaka enjoys karaoke, but her irresistible urge to break any machinery she sees has prevented her from finishing a single song.



  • Weapon - Iron Claws: Anzu is adept at the use of iron claws.
  • Agility: Anzu's small size allows her to be swift and nimble. She is also able to perform an attack where she somersaults on the ground towards her target, dealing constant damage upon impact.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN

  • Weapon - Giant Iron Flail: In addition to her claws, Anzu takes up Sayaka's flail after her death. Although she does not wield it as well as Sayaka, Anzu takes advantage of its weight and extension properties to wield it in her own unique way, creating new attacks such as throwing the spiky ball end at her target and then zipping to it to reduce her vulnerability, and throwing the ball end into the ceiling to serve as her support for a powerful spinning claw attack.
  • Berserk Form: As a member of the Baneful Bloodline, Anzu can increase her strength through Berserk Form. Her Berserk Form is unique from Aya and her family's in that she emits a blue, electric aura.


  • Weapon - Giant Iron Flail: Sayaka is able to wield a giant iron flail with her superhuman strength. It can extend across a large room.
  • Superhuman Strength: Sayaka's strength allows her to wield a giant flail.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN

  • Weapon - Explosive Iron Balls: In addition to her flail, Sayaka has a seemingly endless supply of giant iron balls that she throws around the battlefield. They explode upon impact.
  • Berserk Form: As a member of the Baneful Bloodline, Sayaka can increase her strength through Berserk Form. Her Berserk Form is unique from Aya and her family's in that she emits a purple aura.


  • The name Anzu means "apricot" (杏).


OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]


  1. Credited as Tomoe Sakuragawa in THE OneeChanbara/THE OneeChanpuru

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