"I will definitely win next time!" - Saki

"Whatever you say." - Aya

Main character
Character Information
Age: 25
Weapon: Katanas, Knives
Date of Birth February 14th
Height 168 cm (5 ft 6 in)


Aya is a recurring character and central protagonist in the Onechanbara series. She is voiced by Yuko Kaida.

Biography (BSS)Edit

  • Age: 25
  • Height: 168cm
  • Vital statistics: 86/58/88
  • Birthday: 14th February

Aya is a beautiful assassin who carries the Baneful Blood in her veins. She often makes light of a situation but there is a depthless strength in her eyes. Her perfect figure, cladinan outlandish sexy bikini, turns any man into her slave. She is Saki's half sister.


Aya is raised by her now-deceased father and trained by the sword, Aya has done her best to lead a normal life with her half-sister Saki yet been sometimes feeling a little bit insecure about her family's "Baneful Blood" curse, which has a tendency of driving her into berserk state. Her alternate attack mode has her wielding two swords at once, which furthers the potency of her standard sword-fighting techniques.


  • Master Swordswoman: Aya's skills with the blade is exceptional. She is able to proficiently wield two swords at once. Her ability with the swords is far greater than her sister Saki.
  • Hand to Hand Combatant: Though not as strong and skillful as her sister Saki she has some skills with hand to hand combat. Aya can perform devastating kicks which able to break shields and some metallic objects.
  • Skilled Acrobat: Aya and her younger half-sister Saki are great at tumbling, jumping and swinging as good as a Olympic gymnast.
  • Xtasy: After giving her blood to Kagura she gains the ability to transform into more powerful form by the mix of both the Baneful Blood and Vampiric Blood. Stabilizing and increasing her strength and speed to superhuman levels.