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"Even if the Baneful Bloodline's history has been painted with blood...I'm going to be the one to wash it all away!"

- Aya (OneeChanbara ORIGIN)

Aya (彩 Aya?) is the central protagonist of the OneeChanbara series. She has made an appearance in every OneeChanbara title with the exception of the spin-off School Girl/Zombie Hunter. She is currently voiced in Japanese by Yōko Hikasa and in English by Suzie Yeung.

Aya is a master swordsman and a member of the Baneful Bloodline. She is an Undead hunter with the iconic fashion sense of wearing a cowboy hat, a fluffy scarf, and a stylish bikini in battle.


A 3D rendering of Aya's model in OneeChanbara ORIGIN.

Aya is known for her bewitching beauty and her fit and slender (and very attractive) body. Almost like a supermodel for assassins, Aya's tall figure sports well proportioned assets, such as her C-cup breasts, as well as long, wavy, brown hair, large, light brown eyes, full, pink lips and a beauty mark under her left eye. Her lithe and athletic frame lends well to her assassination work. Famous also for her eccentric fashion sense on missions, Aya commonly wears some variation of a very detailed and extravagant bikini, accompanied by an equally luxurious scarf, navel piercing and thigh-high boots, all topped off with, curiously enough, a cowboy hat. She also has a tattoo of a rose, with the thorny stem curling around her left bicep and another tattoo of a winged heart on her lower back.

Aya's OneeChanbara ORIGIN incarnation more or less reflects her Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad look with some additions from her Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers getup. The only accessory that is absent in her latest appearance is a navel piercing.


OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

[Rough Translation] A beautiful swordswoman and a descendant of Baneful Blood clan that has made their living as assassins since ancient times. She is naturally-talented in swordsmanship.

Her father Oboro, who is a master swordsman himself and with whom she's lived since childhood, has been training her rigorously every day with the view that it'll only be a matter of time before she matches his skills.

One day, Oboro, who apparently received information regarding the murder of her stepmother, Tsubaki, disappeared. Being left behind, Aya strikes up a working relationship with a woman known as Rei, an information dealer for those who take up the job of combating the undead. She believes that this venture will one day lead her to her father and even her half-sister, Saki.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos[]

Sporting a cowboy hat and a bikini, Aya is an assassin with a rather odd fashion sense to her. She's also one of the most capable members of the Baneful Blood.

She was scouted into the U.S. Special Forces division known as Z.P.F. by her friend Anna, and has continued to protect the world as an "Observer" ever since. After becoming aware of Kagura and Saaya's unique powers, she secretly supported them from the shadows --but after one particular botched mission, the three of them were nearly at one another's throats.

Aya has a tendency to tease her two "rivals," but on the inside, she's actually quite fond of them.

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad[]

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 168cm
  • Vital statistics: 86/58/88
  • Birthday: 14th February

Aya is a beautiful assassin who carries the Baneful Blood in her veins. She often makes light of a situation but there is a depthless strength in her eyes. Her perfect figure, clad in an outlandish sexy bikini, turns any man into her slave. She is Saki's half sister.


Raised by her late father and trained by the sword, Aya has done her best to lead a normal life with her half-sister Saki yet sometimes finds herself feeling a little bit insecure about her family's "Baneful Blood" curse, which has a tendency of driving her into berserk state. Her alternate attack mode has her wielding two swords at once, which furthers the potency of her standard sword-fighting techniques.


Aya exudes a "cool beauty"[1] type aura. She is a calm and confident woman who rarely lets anything upset her composure, unlike the brash Kagura. Even when she was motivated by revenge when Saki killed her father, she continued to speak in a calm but assertive tone towards her before their battle. She is professional in her relationships with individuals such as Anna.

Although Aya rarely expresses any emotion other than calm composure, she is able to subtly express love and care for her half-sister Saki. After hearing a near-death Saki's wish for Aya to understand her, Aya forgets her will for revenge and thinks of nothing else but to save Saki.

Although its canonicity is questionable, Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers somewhat explores the psyche of Aya, revealing existential fears such as Aya questioning the purpose of the Baneful blood and wondering what the future holds for Aya and Saki. Aya also shows loving concern for Saki, wishing for her sister to live a normal life and finding true love. It is also revealed before her battle with Reiko that Aya also wishes for similarly "girlie" things like love.

Aya has a slight tendency towards joking around, as evidenced in Onechanbara Special by her suggesting to break the memory orb to potentially release the main girls' memories. Although Kagura and Saaya are technically Aya and Saki's rivals, Aya in reality is actually fond of the Vampiric sisters, even if Kagura is a bit on the slow side when it comes to making connections.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

In OneeChanbara ORIGIN, Aya still has a calm and collected side, but emotions such as love, care, and understanding are much more profound this time around. Unlike the "cool beauty" feeling of her previous incarnation, this Aya adopts a more "gal"-like[2] personality. She is a lot more naive, emotive, and empathetic towards others. Despite being estranged from Saki, she still cared for her, especially after witnessing Sayaka's loving dedication to her little sister Anzu. Aya's sisterly love for Saki is made apparent when she embraces Saki, who soon after bawls. According to Saki, Aya's kindness and casualness make her seem a lot like their late mother Tsubaki.

This Aya loses her composure more often, as evidenced by Aya being bothered by Lei and Saki's teasing antics. She also a strong weakness towards cute things such as teddy bears.

Unlike the previous Aya who showed anxiety towards her and Saki's uncertain futures as members of the Baneful Bloodline, ORIGIN's Aya has the powerful resolve of using the power of her Baneful blood to defend those who are unable to defend themselves.


  • Master Swordswoman: Far greater than those of her sister, Aya's skill with the katana is almost second-to-none. Having trained from a young age and possessing an overwhelming aptitude for the art, Aya swiftly dominated the blade so much to the point where it became an extension of herself. Never one to slouch or wait on others, Aya doesn't just know how to swing a katana, but she's also an experienced blacksmith, having been taught by her father years ago. Aya spends the time forging, honing and perfecting her own weapons and routinely makes considerable improvements upon their designs, taking what she's learned and using it to create even stronger and more versatile katanas to take into battle. Aya also maintains a very high level of skill and precision with throwing knives, keeping several on her person at all times and regularly imbuing them with her own energy in order to make them pack as hard a punch as possible.
  • Energy Manipulation: Like many other Banefuls, Aya is able to manifest her aura in such a way that she can manipulate it into lethal bursts that she commonly uses to bolster her sword fighting capabilities. Jade in color and having much in common with the natural properties of the wind, Aya's energy has allowed to move in a way that mimics air itself, often tormenting around her body as she blitzes unscathed through enemy hordes and cuts relentlessly through enemy guards faster than the blink of an eye.
  • Hand to Hand Combatant: Although it is not nearly as strong or skillful as her sister, Aya still has considerable prowess when it comes to hand to hand combat. Focusing instead on her lower body, Aya is adept enough to perform precise, devastating kicks strong enough to pierce metal and stun even the toughest of enemies.
  • Accelerated Perception: Same as Banefuls like Saki and Evange, Aya possesses the ability to momentarily perceive everything at an accelerated rate by closely watching enemy movements and acting at the last second, allowing her to completely dodge all manner of attacks including AOE techniques and bullets, and counter enemies that otherwise would have been too fast for her to react to.
  • Enhanced Speed: Due to her enhanced conditioning and physiology, Aya is able to effortlessly move at speeds pushing the boundaries of what a human being is capable of on a regular basis.
  • Skilled Acrobat: Both Aya and her sister have been shown to possess such skills in agility and acute awareness of their own bodies that they qualify as superhuman.
  • Xtasy: After being bitten by Kagura, the mix of Aya's Baneful blood with toxins from the Vampiric Clan served as the catalyst to a premature evolution of her Baneful abilities. The result is a Baneful transformation garnering greater power than Berserk Form, mutating her appearance while exponentially increasing her speed, strength and durability.


  • The name Aya means "color" (彩).


  • Aya's birthday is February 14, the same day as Valentine's Day.



  1. According to series lead director Shunsuke Tezuka.
  2. According to series lead director Shunsuke Tezuka.

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