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Bullard or Vlad (ブラード Burādo?) is the secondary antagonist of OneChanbara Z: Kagura. He was the head of the Bullard Foundation and assisted Carmilla and the Vampiric Clan by providing support via arms and shelter.


Head of the Bullard Foundation, Bullard was obsessed with coming into contact with the Vampiric Clan. When he finally found the ancient clan, he toiled hard until he was noticed by the Vampiric Queen Carmilla, after which he gained a high-ranking position of power within the clan. He and his organization supported the Vampiric Clan with armaments and shelter. It was also the Bullard Foundation that found and reunited the half-breed sisters Kagura and Saaya.

As part of Carmilla's plan to eradicate the Baneful Bloodline once and for all, Bullard collaborated with Carmilla to create and unleash zombies and Undead abominations all over the world.


Bullard is first seen in Carmilla's throne room, observing Kagura and Saaya's progress alongside Carmilla. When he unwittingly suggests that the two sisters could potentially face Carmilla on equal ground, she shuts him down and threatens him. She then sends off a terror-stricken Bullard to exterminate Kagura and Saaya and the Baneful sisters Aya and Saki in one fell swoop.

Interrupting the skirmish between the Vampiric sisters and the Baneful sisters at Babel Tokyo Tower, Bullard launches missiles from a military plane in an attempt to exterminate both pairs of sisters. The attack results in the incapacitation of Kagura and Saaya and the presumed deaths of Aya and Saki.

As Kagura and Saaya finally storm Vlan Castle, Bullard panics at the thought of being apprehended by Z.P.F. and attempts to relay to Carmilla his powerlessness as a human being. To remedy this, Carmilla turns Bullard into a vampire and sends him off to deal with Kagura and Saaya.

Unable to defeat the Jabberwock, Kagura and Saaya escape to a torture room where they encounter Bullard. Although he boasts about receiving his Vampiric powers directly from Carmilla, he is ultimately defeated by the pair of half-breed sisters. He suddenly realizes Carmilla's reasoning behind her desire to kill Kagura and Saaya, but he collapses before he can say anything.


  • Weapon - Cape: Bullard spins around to utilize his cape as a weapon.
  • Super Strength: Despite not being a true martial artist, simple flailing and swipes of his arms have deceptively long reach and can cause damage and flinching.
  • Vamp Skills: Attained from being turned by Carmilla.
    • Aegis Barrier: Bullard summons a magical, spherical barrier around himself to defend himself from attacks.
    • Phantom Edge: Bullard summons floating knives that zoom towards the target.


  • In Japanese, before he was turned into a vampire by Carmilla, Bullard had a verbal tick where he added ザマス (zamasu) at the end of every sentence. ザマス is an archaic copula meaning "to be."
  • It is currently undecided as to the official way to write Bullard's name in both Japanese and English. Despite the official site for Onechanbara Z: Kagura presenting his name as ブラード (Burādo, Bullard), in-game text writes it out as ヴラード (Vurādo). Although the latter spelling could possibly be romanized as "Vlad," the name Vlad is more commonly written in Japanese as ヴラッド (Vuraddo). To add further complications, in the end credits of Onechanbara Z: Kagura, Bullard's name is romanized as "Vlard," whereas in the character profiles section, it is romanized as "Vlaad."

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