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Carmilla (カルミラ Karumira?) is the main antagonist of Onechanbara Z: Kagura. Queen of the Vampiric Clan and adoptive mother to Kagura and Saaya, she raised and trained the half-breed sisters to be her personal warriors. She sent them on a mission to Japan to eliminate the Baneful sisters Aya and Saki, the supposed originators of the zombie menace.


Carmilla was an ancient Romanian Vampiric who had lived for hundreds of years, consuming copious amounts of blood over the years until she achieved a powerful and monstrous form worthy of a pure-blooded vampire. She harbored a long-standing hatred (and fear) of the Baneful Bloodline.

Before the events of Onechanbara Z: Kagura, as Queen of the Vampiric Clan, she executed a male Vampiric for consorting with members of the Baneful Bloodline. However, she saw potential in his two daughters, the half-breed half-sisters Kagura and Saaya, and took them in to raise as her own. She brought them up to become her personal warriors.[1]

Aside from her role as leader of the Vampirics, Carmilla was allied with the Bullard Foundation, who assisted the Vampiric Clan with weapons and shelter. She was also reluctantly complicit in Evange's research towards unlocking the secrets of Xtasy and Dare Drive.

As part of her ultimate plan to eradicate the Baneful Bloodline, including Kagura and Saaya who had half-Baneful blood, Carmilla worked with Bullard, the head of the Bullard Foundation, to raise zombies and create various Undead abominations. She then released her Undead creations all over the world and pinned the blame on Baneful sisters Aya and Saki. Under the guise of maintaining world peace, Carmilla sent Kagura and Saaya to assassinate Aya and Saki with the hidden intention of indirectly eliminating both pairs of sisters.



Able to view Kagura and Saaya's steady progress to Babel Tokyo Tower from her throne in Vlan Castle, Carmilla sits composed. Bullard, her closest assistant, comments on the sisters' surprising strength, nearly suggesting that they may be able to take Carmilla on. Angered, Carmilla threatens to dispose of him if he continues to talk lightly of the situation. A frightened Bullard frantically apologizes. Not wanting to take any risks, Carmilla sends Bullard off to eliminate the half-Vampiric, half-Baneful sisters.

Six months later, long after the failed attempt to eliminate Kagura and Saaya and during their storming of Vlan Castle, Carmilla remains fully composed on her throne while Bullard frantically panics, afraid that Z.P.F. will finally apprehend them. As Bullard laments his powerlessness as a normal human being, Carmilla beckons her adopted daughters to come, threatening to send them to the afterlife like their father. Before she is able to make due with her threat, she creates one more obstacle for them by turning Bullard into a vampire, complete with Carmilla's own power, and sending him off.

Unfortunately for Carmilla, Kagura and Saaya manage to defeat both Bullard and her Jabberwock before finally reaching her throne room. The sisters confront Carmilla with the question of whether or not the source of the zombies' creation is Vlan Castle. Saaya, feeling grateful to Carmilla for having raised them and not wishing to fight her, voices her hopeful thought that the creation of the zombies was simply Bullard's doing and that it has nothing to do with the Vampiric Clan. However, breaking from her previous composure, Carmilla laughs at the girls' ignorance and reveals that everything that happened to Kagura and Saaya, as well as Aya and Saki, was all for the sake of the survival and future of the Vampiric Clan. Kagura and Saaya, fed up with Carmilla's deception and betrayal, ready to do battle with the Vampiric Queen.

Although Carmilla is a powerful pure-blooded Vampiric, half-Vampirics Kagura and Saaya are able to withstand her. Unsurprised by this outcome, Carmilla concludes that their strength must be due to their Baneful blood. Saaya catches on and recalls Bullard's last words, to which Kagura remembers something about Baneful blood. Upon hearing this, Carmilla curses Bullard for being talkative to the very end. Although Carmilla insults the sisters for being lowly mongrels, a levelheaded Saaya begins hypothesizing as to why Carmilla, a pure-blooded vampire, refused to confront Aya and Saki herself. She then suggests that Carmilla fears their Baneful blood. Kagura connects this to their being dispatched to take care of the zombies back in Japan. Saaya ultimately comes to two possible conclusions: that Carmilla knew about a considerable risk in doing battle with Banefuls, and that she could never win such a battle. However, Carmilla denies feeling any fear towards Banefuls. To prove it, Carmilla transforms to reveal her horrifying true form, a monstrous transformation she proudly explains is the result of hundreds of years of consuming blood. Although initially frightened by the transformed Carmilla's imposing size, Kagura and Saaya steel their resolve and ready themselves for the final battle. Despite Carmilla's grotesque appearance and considerable Vampiric powers, she is cut down to size and drained of her blood, resulting in her death at the hands of her former adopted daughters.

During the end credits dialogue of Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, upon hearing from Anna that Carmilla had reluctantly worked with Evange for her research into the Xtatic and Dare Drive transformations, Kagura presumed that Carmilla's grotesque transformation was indeed her Dare Drive Form.


Carmilla is a proud Vampiric with an overwhelming hatred for members of the Baneful Bloodline, including her adopted daughters Kagura and Saaya. In one sense, Carmilla's vile intentions to eradicate the Baneful Bloodline was for the noble cause of preserving the Vampiric Clan. In another, Carmilla easily expresses her arrogance towards any non- or part-Vampiric individuals. Although Bullard's organization supports the Vampiric Clan, Carmilla has no qualms with belittling and threatening Bullard, likely due to her ability to strike terror in others' hearts. She believes all individuals, including lesser Vampirics, should bow down to her. Although Carmilla is a cruel woman, readily able to execute other Vampirics for treason, she possibly capable of seeing talents as after executing Kagura and Saaya's father, she raised the half siblings to become her warriors.

It is later revealed that Carmilla not only hated Banefuls, she even feared them. This was the reason she sent Kagura and Saaya in her stead to eliminate Aya and Saki, and later sent Bullard to eliminate all four of them. Although Carmilla's true form has the ability to completely freeze individuals with terror, she feared the Banefuls because she is incapable of striking genuine fear in Banefuls' hearts due to an incompatibility between Vampiric Blood and those of Baneful Blood.[2]


Non-battle abilities[]

  • Demonic creation: Much of Carmilla's army is the result of Carmilla transforming animals and other Vampirics into demonic creatures with her powers.
  • Vampiric turning: Carmilla can turn non-Vampiric individuals into Vampirics, thereby granting them Vampiric abilities as demonstrated by her turning of Bullard.
  • Transformation - Master Carmilla: Carmilla can transform into a hideous, powerful monster with the fullest grasp of Vampiric abilities. Additionally, she has an ability where she can cause those who hold hostility towards her to tremble in fear and kneel before her. However, Banefuls are unaffected by this ability. In Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, this transformation is revealed to be her Dare Drive Form.

Normal Carmilla[]

  • Claws: Carmilla can extend her fingernails to function as sharp claws.
  • Vamp Skills
    • Vamp Scythe: Carmilla produces a scythe that she can throw like a boomerang.

Master Carmilla[]

  • Claws: In Master Carmilla form, she extends her sharp fingers to function like claws.
  • Vamp Skills
    • Phantom Edge: Carmilla produces daggers that will zoom towards the opponent.
    • Chaser: Carmilla flies into the air to launch heat-seeking missiles at the target.
    • Heavy Wave: Carmilla summons a spiky protrusion from the ground to attack opponents from a distance.
    • Dark Territory: Carmilla summons powerful lightning bolts in a cross shape around herself. These lightning bolts inflict Stun.


  • The name "Carmilla" refers both to the title of the 1872 Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and to the titular vampire Carmilla, who preyed upon Countess Karnstein, the narrator of the story.
  • In the end credits of Onechanbara Z: Kagura, Carmilla's name is alternatively romanized as "Calmira." In the in-game character profiles section, her name is romanized as "Karumira."
  • The name of the Romanian castle Carmilla resides in, Vlan Castle, bears a similar spelling to the real-life Bran Castle, also located in Romania. Furthermore, the Japanese spellings of Vlan Castle and Bran Castle differ by a single kana: Vlan Castle is written as ラン城 (Vuran Jō) while Bran Castle is written as ラン城 (Buran Jō). Incidentally, Bran Castle is commonly known outside Romania as Dracula's Castle.



  1. Translated from Carmilla's character description from the official site
  2. Translated from OnēChanbara Z: Kagura Character Profile: Master Carmilla

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