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Death Bear (デスベアー Desu Beā?) is a boss character that first appeared in THE OneeChanbara 2. It made later appearances in Onechanbara Special and OneeChanbara ORIGIN.


OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Formerly a tourist attraction in a nearby zoo, this bear escaped its enclosure when the zoo was overrun by Undead and, after being overtaken and feasted upon by the zombies, was itself zombified.

Prior to living in the zoo, it was formerly a part of a circus troupe owned by Uroboros, known famously as "Drowsy the Bear;" however, this was purely because of the harsh training regimen it had undergone. Its innate behavior was anything but "drowsy," with zombification intensifying its violent nature. As an Undead bear, its memories are mostly nonexistent, but it still seems readily triggered by the yelling of humans, a reminder from its past life that food was coming its way.


THE OneeChanbara 2[]

At the graveyard entrance of an abandoned temple, Aya, Saki and Reiko encounter and do battle with a zombie bear. It is encountered again in the abandoned temple, right before their confrontation with Eva.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

At the center of the first floor of the Asakusa Mall, Aya, Saki and Lei are ambushed by Death Bear. It gives Saki enough trouble to force her to use the martial arts skills she learned from her late mother, but it is eventually defeated.


  • In OneeChanbara ORIGIN, Death Bear was formerly known as the famous circus performer "Drowsy the Bear." In Japanese, it was called のんびり屋の熊さん (Nonbiriya no Kuma-san "Easygoing Bear").


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