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"I am the new god!"

Evange (エヴァンジュ Evanju?) is the main antagonist of Onechanbara Z2: Chaos and Misery's older sister.


Evange is one of the last surviving members of the Baneful Blood. She's very powerful and in the first part of Chapter Z, she fanned the flames of conflict between the Vampirics and the Banefuls and hatched a plan that more or less drove Carmilla out of her mind. She has the rest of the Banefuls under her control and there's a rumor she's creating an elite force of zombies...but no one is quite sure why. Aya briefly witnessed her sitting on the throne in Vlan Castle just before falling several stories into the rocky catacombs below.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos[]

Short for Evangeline. She is the true creator of Z.P.F. (though few are aware of that fact). Her greatest accomplishment is the formation of a group to control undead spirits, which she intends to use to form a clan that can surpass both the Banefuls and the Vampirics and essentially rule the world. 

Evange had a little sister she cared about deeply, but due to the complexity of this world-domination scheme, she was forced to leave her past behind and walk away from her family -- an act that may have contributed to her ever-growing insanity. 

Knowing just about everything there is to know about undead spirits and zombies -- and even the Xtatic state -- Evange previously confronted Carmilla with the intention of letting herself be defeated in order to trigger Xtasy mode. 

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