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Himiko (卑弥虚 or 卑魅虚 Himiko?) is the main antagonist in Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. For the most of the game she is shown as an old little lady. In 19th Chapter, after drinking Saki's blood she is transformed into younger version of herself. She is then 'killed' by Saki, Aya and Anna.

Himiko reappears in Onechanbara Special as the final boss, where she is once again defeated by the girls - this time joined by Reiko and Misery.

Biography (BSS)[]

  • Age: 200-300 (estimated)
  • Height: 120cm (old) / Unknown (young)
  • Vital Statistics: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown

Old Himiko[]

Himiko's original appearance

Himiko is the leader of The Organization and the zombies. She is said to be two to three centuries old thanks to her many research discoveries.

Himiko seeks to obtain Saki and, more importantly, her blood in order to gain massive power and eternal youth.

She appears in a long red robe endowed with yellow accenting, grey hair (in the Shimada style), considerably dark skin, and with a cane.

Young Himiko[]

This is Himiko, rejuvenated by the power of Saki's Baneful Blood.

She is bestowed with an evil smile and overwhelming enriched power. This is the true, almighty Himiko, removed from her previous, withered self.

Her voice becomes that of a high-pitched teenaged girl, and her entire body undergoes a similar change; her grey hair turns to a dark purple and keeps the same style (the Shimada) as her old self, albeit with beads wrapping around the sides of her hair. Himiko's entire body elongates, making her extremely tall and thin, and her skin turns to a pale colour from her previously darker tone. Some more distinct facial features become apparent as well; she gains a beauty mark beneath her left eye, and both of her eyes change to a bright yellow-orange hue. Her entire look could be described as "felinish."

Although a majority of Himoko's physical attributes change, her clothing stays the same, except her previously-fitting robe has become much shorter, due to her sudden growth and height change. Being said, her outfit is inarguably centered around fanservice, as her very revealing set of undergarments hardly cover her endowments and show a generous amount of her sexual attributes.


Old Himiko

Old Himiko is a sword expert even at an old age. She also has the power to control blood in many ways, three of which being creating giant hands to crush and grab he foes, forming small tornadoes of blood, and elongating the reach of her sword with a slash of blood. She also sometimes whacks the girls with her cane, if they are close enough to her.

Young Himiko

She keeps the same abilities as her old self, but now, she is more powerful. She can create weapons out of blood like a giant sword or two long curved blades. She can likewise create blood silhouettes of the previous bosses while floating in the air. As a boss, she can even pull blood from the ground at times in a large, damaging mass and uses it as a close-range counter to the girls' own attacks.

As a DLC character, she retains her boss ability to wield two large scythes made from blood, which she can throw forward to hit her enemies. Once she has thrown them, they return to her in a boomerang-type fashion. Himiko also continues to wield a large claymore-type weapon, also made from blood, which serves as her primary weapon, whereas, her two scythes are secondary.

Himiko can also do special moves, (done by pressing Y + B at the same time, or TRIANGLE + CIRCLE), as the rest of the girls can; she makes a fist with her hands, thrusts her arms downward, and a large red extroversion of blood is emitted around her. This ability works well with crowd-control and when dealing with multiple close-range enemies at once. Due to its effective area of effect, the amount of damage it deals is not too high, but does kill a majority of the weaker zombies instantly.


  • Himiko is the first character in the series to boast an "ultimate" form that physically transforms her appearance (namely, her "True Himiko" (真卑魅虚) form in Onechanbara Special).


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