"Your sister is here, inside of me!"

Misery (later referred to as Misha by Evange after the latter enslaved her) was a particularly troubled villain from the Baneful Bloodline, who gained her immense power through an experiment performed on her by Himiko.


Although she was defeated at the time, an unnatural power left behind by Himiko would later revive her just in time for the events of Bikini Zombie Slayer. Misery is yet another descendant of the "Baneful Blood" is now only interested in exacting vengeance upon Aya and Saki. Her alt-attack mode has her sword transformed into a whip sword, granting it a far longer reach. She is unlocked by completing Saki's story arc.

Bikini Samurai SquadEdit

  • Age: Around 17 (?)
  • Height: Unknown
  • Vital Statistics: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown

Misery is a descendant of the same Baneful Bloodline as Aya and Saki. She joined The Organization and its Baneful Blood research due to shared interests.

However, during the course of their research The Organization determines that she is no further use to them. Afraid of being disposed of, Misery breaks away from her allies and goes after the sisters alone in order to acquire their blood for herself.


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