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"Use your Baneful power...for the good of those who can't fight for themselves..."

- Oboro (OneeChanbara ORIGIN)

Oboro (朧 Oboro?) is the father of Aya and Saki. He first appeared in THE OneeChanbara, although he was unnamed at the time. He is reimagined in OneeChanbara ORIGIN.

In OneeChanbara ORIGIN, Oboro is a master swordsman and a member of the cursed Baneful Bloodline. He is on a journey to avenge his wife Tsubaki by finding and killing her murderer.



THE OneeChanbara[]

Before Oboro lived with Aya, he lived with Saki and her mother and was ruthless towards them. His cruelty caused Saki's mother to deteriorate physically and mentally. According to Saki, her mother practically became an invalid when she was on the brink of dying from her hardships.

It is implied that Oboro eventually abandoned Saki and her mother to live with her half-sister Aya. It is likely that Saki's mother died soon after. With Aya, he trained her to become a sword master much like himself. After every grueling training session, he would hug Aya dearly. Eventually, Aya grew to wield the sword as well as Oboro did. One day, however, Oboro was killed by Saki and her zombie minions, leading to Aya going on a revenge quest.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Oboro and Tsubaki were an assassin duo who constantly fought against nefarious parties such as Uroboros who wished to use their Baneful blood for unethical research. Oboro was a sword master while Tsubaki was a martial artist adept at a style she called "Mortal Combat." One day, Tsubaki injured her leg, forcing her to retire early and Oboro to make ends meet by himself as a lone assassin. As husband and wife, they eventually bore Aya and then a few years later Saki.

As members of the Baneful Bloodline, Oboro and Tsubaki's family was subject to a fatal tradition in which they were supposed to train their daughters to fight each other to the death, the victor carrying on her bloodline. To protect their daughters from this Baneful tradition, they pretended that Aya and Saki were not full sisters, telling Aya the lie that her real mother died right after she was born. Soon afterwards, the family split up, with Tsubaki leaving with Saki and Oboro staying with Aya.

Oboro trained Aya everyday in the ways of the sword until she became his equal several years later. One day, however, Oboro caught word that Tsubaki had been murdered, enraging him and causing his Baneful blood to go Berserk. Not in the right mind, he invited Aya to another training session with the intention to kill her. Thankfully, Aya was able to resist Oboro enough for him to temporarily regain his senses. Realizing that he almost killed his daughter, Oboro leaves behind Aya to search for his wife's killer.[1]

Two years later, all the while preventing his Baneful blood from completely consuming him, Oboro eventually discovered that it was a Baneful woman named Eva who killed Tsubaki and was also using her heart to brainwash and control Saki. Having originally intended to avenge Tsubaki by saving their daughter and killing Eva, Oboro realized that he was nearing his limit on resisting his Baneful blood. At a hospital's basement near Saki's location, he was ambushed by Uroboros clones. Unfortunately for them, they were no match for Oboro and were slaughtered. His Baneful blood went Berserk soon after.


THE OneeChanbara[]

After being killed by Saki, Oboro was turned into a zombie and made to fight Aya at the entrance of a cave. He was fought again deep within the cave before Aya's final fight with Saki. Saki revealed to Aya that the zombie with a ponytail and a claw with sword-like blades was their father that she turned into a zombie. She explained to Aya that she killed him because of his cruelty towards her and her mother. As part of her revenge, Saki made him suffer slowly before he finally died.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Before Oboro could reach Saki's location from the hospital's basement, his Baneful blood went Berserk, making him go temporarily insane and enter a separate room, all whilst slaughtering Uroboros clones. Aya soon encounters Oboro in the lone room. Unfortunately for Aya, he is delirious from the loss of Tsubaki, wondering where she had gone. After remembering that she was killed by Eva, he quickly changes his mind, assuming that Aya was her killer, unaware that Aya is his daughter. The two are forced into a battle between each other that triggers Aya's Xtasy Form. Before Aya can completely lose her mind, Oboro temporarily comes to his senses to apologize to both Aya and Saki for separating them, claiming that it was for their own good. After hearing Oboro's apology, Aya comes to her own senses and resolves to stop her father.

After Aya wins their deadly duel, Oboro snaps out of his Berserk state, able to explain to Aya his whereabouts over the past two years. He had been chasing Tsubaki's murderer, a Baneful woman named Eva who was also using Tsubaki's heart to control Saki. Although he was planning to avenge Tsubaki and save Saki by killing Eva, his Berserk blood was soon reaching its limits, forcing Oboro to ask Aya to stop Saki in his stead. When Aya questions his request, leading to him revealing to Aya of her and Saki's blood relations as true sisters and of the Baneful tradition that forced blood sisters to fight to the death. Oboro and Tsubaki lied to Aya and Saki about being only half sisters in order to protect them. Although Aya does not yet fully comprehend Oboro's revelations, she agrees to stop Saki anyway, fully understanding her father's vendetta. Suddenly Oboro's blood acts up again, startling Aya, but he contains it and gives Aya two katanas before sending her off.

A few days after Aya and Saki's battle to the death, while on the search for Oboro in Asakusa, the two sisters spot their father from a distance. Before they can catch up to him, they are ambushed by Lei and forced to do battle with her.

After sparring with Lei and joining up with her, the three girls enter the Asakusa mall and spot Oboro once again. However, he enters a mysterious magic door (created by Eva) that soon after disappears. The girls are forced to traverse the mall to find another path to him.

After Saki defeats Anzu, Oboro meets up with Eva at her hideout. Eva claims that Oboro cannot defeat her as she stands, but Oboro believes that she is still weak despite consuming many other Banefuls' hearts. Eva laughs before proclaiming that she also has something precious to protect. As she asks him what he thought of Aya and Saki's deadly struggle, Oboro points his sword at a boastful Eva.

After defeating the Lei clones, Aya and Saki encounter their father, who was unable to defeat Eva in the end. With his Baneful Blood having reached its limits, and begging his daughters to kill him, Oboro loses control of himself and enters his Xtatic Form. As Aya and Saki fight their father, he laments his powerlessness in being unable to avenge their mother. In the end, Aya and Saki fatally wound him. Having reverted from his Xtatic Form and laying on the ground, Oboro praises his daughters on how much they've grown. He reveals to Aya that their names were written on the two katanas he gifted to her as a sort of comfort that they were with him when he had still possessed the two swords. However, he curses himself for attacking his own daughters. When Aya asks why he took this burden all by himself, he responds that he wanted to be look like a cool father. Feeling that their mother is calling to him, he instills in both his daughters the duty to stop those who wish to use Baneful blood for evil and to protect those who are unable to defend themselves before finally passing away and disappearing.

After Eva and Lei's defeats, Aya and Saki retrieve Oboro's katana and place it next to Tsubaki's grave as a way to reunite them.


THE OneeChanbara[]

Supposedly Aya and Saki's father was both kind and cruel. According to Aya, he was harshly strict in his training but loving nonetheless. According to Saki, he was a cruel person that mistreated Saki and her mother to the point that her mother became insane and then eventually died from her hardships.

As a zombie, Aya and Saki's father lost all awareness and recognition of himself and his memories, having become Saki's thrall.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Oboro is a strict man, harsh in the training regimens he put Aya through. However, he is nonetheless extremely caring and loving towards his family. He was also very heroic and duty-bound during his time as an assassin fighting against Uroboros. He believes it is the duty of himself and his daughters to stop those who wish to use Baneful Blood for nefarious purposes and to protect those who cannot defend themselves. When he finally discovered the identity of Tsubaki's murderer, he became very vengeful and even reckless, willing to take on his revenge journey all by himself and leaving Aya out of it.

Typical of Berserk members of the Baneful Bloodline, Oboro virtually loses all his sanity during Berserk Form, mistaking loved ones such as Aya for his enemies. However, sometimes bits of his remaining sanity spill out to reveal his true thoughts, such as his apology to Aya for keeping her and Saki apart and his laments about not being able to avenge Tsubaki.


THE OneeChanbara[]

  • Master Swordsman: Before becoming Undead, Aya and Saki's father was a master swordsman who taught Aya how to wield the katana.
  • Superspeed: As an Undead, he can swipe at his target very swiftly when in a pinch.
  • Teleportation: He can instantly teleport back to his original position.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

  • Master Swordsman: Oboro is a master swordsman, skilled in the ways of the katana. His lineage as a member of the Baneful Bloodline also lends to his superhuman feats and movements.
  • Berserk Form: Unlike live, female members of the Baneful Bloodline, Oboro's skin color stays the same in Berserk Form. Nonetheless, he utilizes his Berserk blood to enhance his attack power and even range of his katana strikes.
    • Teleportation: Oboro can disappear into a void-like portal and reappear behind his target to take them by surprise.
    • Projectile: By performing upward swings left and right, he can conjure a slow-moving windy projectile that tracks its target and disappears upon impact.
  • Xtatic Form: Oboro's skin color changes to pitch black, and he dons a samurai mask and helmet. His clothes are also tattered, and his hair becomes long and tendril-like, similar to Aya and Saki's Xtatic Forms. He possesses the same abilities as in Berserk Form, but his attack power is even greater.
    • Teleportation: See above.
    • Projectile: See above.
    • Claw attack: Xtatic Oboro can produce long blades from his left sleeve to swipe at his targets like a claw. Furthermore, Oboro can plunge this left claw into the ground to produce a blade-filled circular area around himself.


  • The name "Oboro" was first used to refer to Aya and Saki's father in the 2008 film Onechanbara THE MOVIE.
  • Oboro is one of two known male members of the Baneful Bloodline in the series thus far, the other being Abdul.
  • In OneeChanbara ORIGIN, Oboro (during his Xtatic form) has an attack where he summons long, sword-like blades from his left sleeve to attack with like a claw. This "claw" is also seen in his official render. The claw is a reference to his original zombie design in THE OneeChanbara.


OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]


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