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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (お姉チャンバラZ2 ~カオス~ OnēChanbara Z2 ~Chaos~) is a 2014 Action–Hack and slash video game developed by Tamsoft, as part of the OneeChanbara series. It is the sequel to the Japan-exclusive Xbox 360 title OneChanbara Z: Kagura (which was later re-released for PlayStation 3 in 2013), and the first game in the series to be localized since OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers and Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad in 2009.


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is the newest title in a long-running series of B-movie zombie-slaying bikini vampire opuses, and the second act of its ongoing narrative's critically-acclaimed "Chapter Z." New actions and new game systems have been added and -- at long last -- the old and new characters get to fight together for the very first time! Beginning with the addition of "Cross Merge Combinations," where up to four characters are controlled at once, players are now more in control of the series' main protagonists than ever before.

And since the graphics are in full HD with a silky smooth framerate, these beautifully drawn ladies will cut down the undead with sexy, speedy motions that'll make even the most hardened gamer's head spin. The criminal mastermind of the previous chapter has finally shown herself, too, and will challenge our heroines as the strongest foe the series has seen to date, leading everything to one inevitable conclusion:



The gameplay has been compared to Bayonetta, and revolves around hack and slash combat. Throughout the game, two sets of playable characters can be swapped with on the fly, each boasting their own unique attacks and abilities (the characters at hand depend on the given stage). Throughout the game, players will earn yellow orbs, which act as a form of currency. These orbs may be exchanged for new combat moves and gear.

Players will battle a variety of enemies, mainly zombies, werewolves, ghouls and demons. In order to defeat these foes, weapons such as swords, chainsaws, and guns are available. Slaying enemies will result in the dismemberment of limbs, as well as an in-game combo.

After completing a level, the user is graded on their performance throughout the stage. Factors such as combo length, time it took to complete the level, amount of items used, damage dealt and damage received can all affect this score in a positive and negative manner. These scores can also be submitted to the worldwide leader boards.


Main Characters[]


Enemy Characters[]

Sayaka & Anzu
Master Cho & Jiangshi


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The Baneful Bloodline and the Vampiric Clan are two ancient and powerful clans. Boasting formidable powers and abilities, the two clans have fought a bitter war against each other for centuries. After the numbers of both factions had dwindled to almost nothing, it was thought that the blood feud was over. That is until now.

After the Vampiric sisters Kagura and Saaya had defeated their treacherous adoptive mother, the Vampire Queen Carmilla, with aid from the shadows by Aya and Saki, two legendary zombie-hunting sisters of Baneful Blood, the truce came to an abrupt end and the two pairs of sisters could restrain themselves no longer.

Carmilla's throne room became a battleground once again as the two pairs of sisters battled for supremacy. The battle, however, was interrupted by the sudden ambush of a masked girl with a large sword. Suddenly, the impact from the girl's sword caused the floor beneath them to collapse, sending the four into the abyss below, but not before Aya glanced a mysterious, green-haired woman sitting in Carmilla's throne.

The girls become separated from their respective sisters and are pushed into uneasy alliances for survival. In the catacombs beneath the castle, after becoming critically injured by demonic moles, Kagura is forced to drink Aya's blood to reinvigorate herself. The imbibing of Aya's Baneful Blood within Kagura's body allows her to temporarily transform into a demonic and powerful new form, Dare Drive, slaying all who stand before her. Ecstatic with her newfound strength, Kagura creates an exit in the ceiling with the body of a demon mole and launches Aya out of the castle's depths as part of their escape.

Meanwhile, Saaya and Saki are thrust into a pocket hell-dimension but are able to escape by co-operating to defeat the waves of undead blocking their exit. They escape to the town nearby the castle but are attacked by Misha, the masked assassin girl that ambushed them back in the castle. Misha overpowers the girls and critically injures Saaya. Thankfully, Kagura and Aya arrive in the nick of time, with Aya advising Saki to allow Saaya to feed on her blood in order to recover and transform into her own Dare Drive Form. With Saaya's transformation successful, the four girls work together to force Misha to retreat and slay her undead entourage.

Now working together, the girls are instructed by their friend Anna of the Zombie Punitive Force (Z.P.F.) to quell several zombie outbreaks around the world and eliminate several high-profile targets. After their globe-trotting missions, Anna informs the girls that Vlan Castle has been newly reconstructed despite it crumbling after the girls' previous encounter with Misha and the green-haired woman. Confused by this news, the girls return to Vlan Castle where they meet with the green-haired woman in Carmilla's throne room. She proudly reveals herself to be Evange, the mastermind behind the current worldwide zombie menace, and after strangely calling the four girls "princesses," Aya figures out that the attacks were diversions to keep the girls at bay while Misha locates the Z.P.F. Headquarters, slaughtering and zombifying the personnel within. Fortunately, being a field operative, Anna is absent from headquarters and well away from the attack.

The four girls arrive at the scene when suddenly Vampiric toxins from Kagura and Saaya's bites finally take their toll on Aya and Saki's Baneful bodies, granting them similarly demonic transformations known as Xtasy. The four cut their way through floor after floor of zombified Z.P.F. soldiers and personnel whilst chasing Misha. On the rooftop, Evange escapes by helicopter, leaving the party to battle an Xtatic Misha. With their enhanced strengths, the girls are able to defeat Misha once and for all.

The mortally wounded Misha falls from the rooftop as her mask shatters, revealing that she was in fact Misery, a rival Baneful and loose ally of Aya and Saki's late nemesis, Himiko. Misery was seemingly slain a year previously by Aya and Saki to end her insane bloodlust, but she was recovered and experimented on by Evange.

Anna contacts the party with news that Evange escaped to an underground research facility on a remote island. The girls reach the island and battle the awaiting zombie army while navigating a network of underground tunnels. Despite many traps set for them, the girls successfully confront Evange in her own throne room. She reveals her ambition to create a utopia for members of the Baneful Bloodline and the Vampiric Clan alike, a new world order she aims to usher in by establishing a single clan made up of powerful Baneful and Vampiric beings, much like the girls in their Xtatic and Dare Drive Forms. Evange offers the girls a place in her utopia but soon withdraws her offer when the girls declare their unwavering determination to stop her. A desperate Evange attacks the party, transforming into her Xtatic Form to gain the upperhand, but the party emerges victorious and slays her, putting an end to her world domination scheme.

With the final battle over, the girls agree to put their clans' ancient blood feud behind them and make their alliance permanent. Later, Anna contacts the girls and reveals Evange's origins. Evange was a researcher working for Carmilla who used the castle's facilities to further her own cause. She was also Misery's older sister.


All launch editions in North America came packaged as the Banana Split Limited Edition, which included an 80-page art book, soundtrack CD, and exclusive costumes.[2]


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos received mixed reviews from critics, currently averaging a 59.22% on GameRankings and a 59/100 on Metacritic, respectively. Praise was given to the games character models and addicting combat, while criticism was drawn to its dated environmental graphics.

Matt Sainsbury, reviewing for, gave the game a 9/10, saying that while technical bugs existed, such as a sometimes poor camera, they never detracted from the fast paced combat.

The game fared well with Famitsu reviewers, whose combined scores added to a 31/40 (8/8/8/7).

Kyle MacGregor of Destructoid awarded the game a 5.5/10. MacGregor praised the game's combat, character designs, and sexual fan service, while taking issue to the "linear and repetitive mission structure", and also disliking the enemy AI, commenting that they simply rely on sheer size to pose any sort of challenge.

Hardcore Gamer's Adam Beck was highly critical of the game. Despite giving applause to the high level of customization and fluid swordplay, he felt the poor dialog, bad mission structure, repetitive combat and short game length brought the game experience down, awarding the game a 4/10. He did however call Onechanbara Z2: Chaos one of the better entries in the series.

Penny Arcade featured the game in a "First 15" video feature, and found little to like. The "First 15" segments feature writer Jerry Holkins and artist Mike Krahulik playing a game for fifteen minutes, and provide a record of their reactions and reflections on the game being played. Holkins and Krahulik were uniformly negative, citing feelings of disgust while playing. They criticized the character modeling of the enemies, the costumes of the protagonists, the gameplay, and the spirit of the game. Unaware that the game was part of a franchise, Krahulik wondered what audience the game was meant to appeal to, implying that the game could not possibly sell well.


  • Onechanbara Z2: Chaos was released in 2014 (in Japan) to coincide with the series' 10th anniversary.
  • This is the first entry in the series to feature English voice acting.
  • This is the third entry in the series to be released in the U.S., six years after Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad and Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.
  • This is the first (and so far only) entry in the series to allow the player to tag-team between four playable characters.



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  2. 2.0 2.1 Only the PS4 release.


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