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The following are in-game biographical profiles of characters and enemies in Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, documented here for referential purposes.

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Kagura is a half-breed born of a female Baneful and a male Vampiric. The name "Kagura" came from her mother, who was Japanese. She and her sister, Saaya, were both warriors close to Carmilla, the Queen of the Vampiric Clan. However, once they found out they were nothing but pawns to her, they both revolted.

Kagura's skills have accumulated through multiple battles and as a result, she has destroyed most of the core Vampiric Clan, Carmilla included. This leaves Kagura near the front of the line for the throne, but her sole concern now is defeating her rivals Aya and Saki.

Her swimsuit-type outfit was originally worn to taunt Aya, but now serves as a sort of trademark for her.

Kagura (Dare Drive)[]

An evolution upon her standard form, calling upon her Vampiric blood. This form is less like that of a person and more like that of a beast.

Up till now, Kagura never took on beast form due to her half-breed status, but after consuming large amounts of blood from Aya (a member of the Baneful Bloodline), her balance was broken and her new identity was spawned.

In order to maintain this form, however, she requires copious amounts of blood. If Kagura can manage to perfect this ability, she'll most likely become humanity's greatest threat.


Just like her older sister (or half-sister, rather), Saaya is a half-breed born of a Baneful Blood woman and a Vampiric man. Her mother and Kagura's are not the same person, but both were Japanese women, and like Kagura, this is the origin of Saaya's distinctly ethnic name.

Saaya bears an unconditional love for her sister, and ranks Kagura's safety as her main priority over anything else. Despite this obsessiveness, however, she always remains calm and level-headed.

She has endured harsh battles alongside her beloved sister, so her skills as a warrior are considerable. But unlike Kagura, she actually holds some affection towards Aya and Saki.

Saaya (Dare Drive)[]

An evolution upon her standard form, calling upon her Vampiric nature. In Saaya's case, this transformation came about as a result of imbibing Saki's blood, with Saki being a powerful member of the Baneful Bloodline. Sadly, Saaya can't maintain this form for too long, but while it lasts, her transformed abilities are in many ways mightier than Kagura's, and are even on par with those of Mistress Carmilla herself.

What's even better is that when Saaya transforms, she remains in complete control, her love for her sister never faltering. As long as Saaya and Kagura are together, they will always keep some measure of humanity intact.


Sporting a cowboy hat and a bikini, Aya is an assassin with a rather odd fashion sense to her. She's also one of the most capable members of the Baneful Blood.

She was scouted into the U.S. Special Forces division known as Z.P.F. by her friend Anna, and has continued to protect the world as an "Observer" ever since. After becoming aware of Kagura and Saaya's unique powers, she secretly supported them from the shadows -- but after one particular botched missions, the three of them were nearly at one another's throats.

Aya has a tendency to tease her two "rivals," but on the inside, she's actually quite fond of them.

Aya (Xtatic)[]

This is what becomes of Aya when she completely releases her Baneful powers. Previously regarded as mere legend by those of the Baneful Blood, this "Xtasy" mode is awoken by pure, unadulterated rage.

Though similar to her berserk state, Aya can maintain her form and retain her will when going Xtatic, in direct contrast to the legends.

When Kagura absorbed her blood, toxins from the Vampiric clan entered her body and sparked a premature evolution of her Baneful abilities.


Aya's half-sister, who bears the direct bloodline of the Baneful's head family. Though she once stood opposed to Aya, even going so far as to unleash the undead throughout Japan, she's since come to understand and even appreciate her former rival. Additionally, she's gained skills very much on par with Aya's (perhaps even greater), thanks in part to her Baneful Bloodline.

Currently, she is a member of the U.S. Special Forces' Z.P.F. division, alongside Aya. As the mastermind behind the first undead incident, she is regarded as the world's most dangerous person, which means she's under near constant surveillance -- but she seems not to mind.

Saki (Xtatic)[]

This is what becomes of Saki when she completely releases her Baneful powers. Previously regarded as mere legend by those of Baneful Blood, this "Xtasy" mode is awoken by pure, unadulterated rage.

Due either to her pure, rich Baneful Blood or to her undying love for Aya, she is able to transform without losing her will.

When Saaya absorbed her blood, toxins from the Vampiric clan entered her body and sparked a premature evolution of her Baneful abilities.

Zombie A[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it. They look similar in appearance to the undead from Japan, but their motivations differ: these zombies attack solely to bathe in the blood of their prey, craving nothing more than the feel of human life essence on their skin.

Evange has the power to summon undead spirits, but when push comes to shove, she seems to prefer zombies over all other types of soldiers.

Due to Evange's adjustments, however, zombies can now attack in formation, making them much more terrifying weapons.

Zombie B[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it. This variety was originally human, but after being killed by other zombies, they're now among the living dead.

These zombies have the same motivations as the Vampiric Clan, wandering the earth in search of fresh blood.

Zombie C[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it. This variety was originally human, but after being killed by other zombies, they're now among the living dead.

These zombies were originally attractive women, but being killed and reanimated may have put an end to their modeling aspirations.

Evange has a particular fondness of women, however, and takes a special kind of sick pleasure in transforming them into zombies.

Zombie D[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it. This variety was originally human, but after being killed by other zombies, they're now among the living dead.

Evange captured this group of zombies and injected them with Baneful Blood to make them more aggressive than ever before.

They have significantly more power than other undead spirits, and if encountered in a group, things can go south very quickly.

Zombie E[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it. This variety was originally human, but after being killed by other zombies, they're now among the living dead.

These are among the most aggressive of zombies, poised to leap toward whatever crosses their path with absolutely no regard for themselves.

Zombie F[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it. This variety was originally human, but after being killed by other zombies, they're now among the living dead.

Spawned when a zombie was unleashed in a tourist attraction and attacked women who where swimming peacefully, these particular zombies are downright lovable. They don't really get along well with their fellow undead.

Zombie Cop[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it.

Despite becoming a member of the walking dead, these former police officers still retain some knowledge on how to use a firearm. As a result, this particular variety won't be quite so easy to take down!

To make matters worse, Evange has provided them with new weapons, so the terror is only just beginning...

Zombie Soldier[]

One of the many "undead spirits" poised to take over the world as we know it.

This variety includes members of the Special Forces that were sent in to take care of the zombie menace and...kind of failed.

Evange has provided them with new weapons, which they wield with ease. Retaining their combat instincts from when they were alive, but with an added sense of joy upon killing their prey, these are easily the most dangerous zombies of them all.


Carmilla's failed attempt at creating a zombie.

It's not all bad though! The deformed flesh of these Mudmen give them the added benefit of being nearly impervious to weapon strikes. Sadly, this one plus is almost immediately undone by the Mudman's ludicrously slow walk speed. Strangely enough, however, some other undead spirits share these traits, as if envious of their illegitimate mud cousins.

These things have no real use to Evange, so their fate is simply to serve as meat walls.


A strange sort of female zombie comprised of only a torso.

She's also a bit bashful, refusing to attack whenever her prey is looking at her. As soon as your back is turned, however, her movements are frighteningly fast, and group attacks are not at all uncommon.

The best way to handle Penanggalans is to crush them one at a time.


A member of the Vampiric Clan who was transformed into a beast, then got further transformed into a zombie by Evange.

Decomposition has already begun to settle in, so this Vampire doesn't have the same potential in undeath that it had in life. Though much of its body is exposed, it can still fly just fine -- and fly it does, spreading its rotten smell far and wide.

This is easily a more horrific foe than the other zombies.


A monster Carmilla created to protect the vampires. It has the largest body out of all the monsters, and utilizes it to good effect when tackling opponents to the ground.

Best of all, these guys are cheap labor: Evange brainwashed the remaining wolves from the last battle so they're now all completely loyal to her.

Werewolves wear their battle scars as symbols of dexterity and achievement, and due to their brainwashing, they also don't flinch even the slightest bit from weak attacks.


A flying beast that's been horrifically mutated thanks to Carmilla's magic. They prey upon humans and move together in flocks.

Quetzalcoatl, the Strigois' leader, has gotten stronger alongside its subjects. Additionally, the Strigois' bodies have all mysteriously bloated in size of late, making them notably larger and more imposing creatures than ever before.

Living Statue[]

A stone statue within which a monster resides. Its body has been strengthened by the monster's power so that even if the statue is broken, as long as the body inside is okay, it will live on.

The monster itself is rather cowardly when unprotected, but as soon as it dons its "shell," it becomes a true force to be reckoned with.

Machine Soldier[]

A machine soldier used by the Z.P.F. Approved for mass production due to its ready ability to differentiate between friend and foe.

Since Machine Soldiers possess no soul, they're resistant to zombification -- but they're not at all powerless against the zombies, and come equipped with heavy artillery to take them down. This firepower can be a threat to living beings as well, however.


A zombie that has been made bigger and significantly powered up.

It cannot function in battle unless it extracts the toxins from its body. These toxins double as viable weapons, but they're no match for the combined power of four girls who bear the Baneful Blood!

Gigases are unable to be powered up any more than they already have been, so they're sometimes used as resources to help boost the abilities of other monsters.


A stronger being than the Strigoi. It's original role was to restrain the Basalmudora, but that power has now made it a leader figure among the other Strigoi.

It's powers have been strengthened all around by the Baneful Blood, and those powers are being shared with the lower-tier Strigoi as well.


A beast originally created by Carmilla. Evange then cloned it and used it to guard the gates of various important locations.

It has been strengthened through experiments with the Baneful Blood and now has a more terrifying appearance than ever, along with sheer murderous intent.


Its body is made up of countless zombies and its size beyong massive. And then there's its strength, which is several cuts above that of any other zombie -- perhaps due to the fact that the beings comprising it are still "alive," adding to its overall power.

The zombies comprising the Hekatonkheir all have Baneful Blood, too, which means one limb may literally be at odds with another on what to do, often causing the overall creature to move in grotesque, illogical ways.

So while the Baneful sisters are always in sync, Hekatonkheir is quite the opposite -- but its power and veritable immortality make it a truly formidable living weapon nonetheless.


Originally the strongest monster to serve Carmilla, the Jabberwock is virtually immortal, capable of surviving anything Kagura and Saaya might throw at it.

Its original form was defeated by Kagura after she obtained Carmilla's power, but it was able to revive itself in time. It has not yet fully recovered -- its wings haven't even grown back -- but it's in good enough shape to put up a decent fight.

Evange was probably hoping it would be farther along by now, but she still seemed to think it was ready to be sent out into the field once more.

Living Statue (Main Body)[]

A monster that controls a Living Statue. After its creator, Carmilla, was defeated, Evange took over and bestowed the power of the Baneful Blood upon the Living Statue bodies.

Their powers are definitely more significant now than ever before, making them far less likely to die even outside their shells.

Giant Mole[]

A giant mole that's made a nest beneath Vlan Castle.

Originally intended to be a sturdy guardian and protect the weapons sealed underground, it has lost that job when those weapons were transferred by railway to the surface, so it now roams unfettered.

It targets zombies as its prey and has a generally aggressive nature. There is nothing else in the world that can come even close to the sharpness of the blade on its back.


A different kind of Strigoi that's evolved with the power of the Baneful Blood. It can now stand on its feet and even speak the human language!

Believing the amount of people it's killed has some correlation with its evolution, it blindly continues to work, content in its constant pursuit of the ultimate evolutionary form...


A new kind of undead that was mass-produced by one particular group. The whole operation was then revived by Evange.

In ordre to collect as much negative energy into its body as possible, it's actually made up of several undead spirits. Best (or worst) of all, even if one part is lost, it can still recover -- thus the name.

Since humans were heavily involved in the Returners' evolution, they have skills which surpass those of other zombies.


A strange undead spirit that appears exclusively in bamboo forests. It is a physical manifestation of the evil residing deep within the hearts of the temple monks. Jiangshi are much stronger than other undead spirits, and -- no surprises here -- they are currently under Evange's control.

At first, it was difficult for Evange to manipulate them, but all it took was a bit of binding via talisman, and presto! Jiangshi servants.


Large, mass-produced zombies based off of the Gigas brothers, also known as the Evil Twins. They are siblings, and are generally regarded by Evange as some of her finest work.

Being mass-produced, these Ogres surpass the originals in speed and have completely different fighting styles from one to the next.

Their true faces are hidden under masks, so there's no way to read any emotion from them. All you can see are their big Cyclops eyes, which produce a bodily fluid called "Evil Eye" that only Ogres have at their disposal -- it's Vampiric in nature, but even Kagura and Saaya can't use it.


An undead spirit that feeds at the "Gate of Impurity" -- a dimensional veil where all the world's negative energy gathers. Originally a low-tier undead spirit, after being summoned by Saki and receiving the Baneful Blood, she is now very much upper-tier. Though unstable, she has her own will and has grown at a remarkable rate.

Every time she's previously appeared, however, she was always defeated by Aya. And every time this happened, she lost her memory. Eventually, she started to think of Sayaka as her true older sister.

Now that Evange has summoned her into the world again, she's decided to push aside all other undead spirits and become the number one most beautiful zombie in the world. This may not end well.


An undead spirit that feeds at the "Gate of Impurity" -- a dimensional veil where all the world's negative energy gathers. A physical manifestation of the grudge held by assassin sisters who were killed at a young age, she's been repeatedly summoned to do the bidding of others, but always manages to keep her own will due to the sheer strength of her determination.

Anzu is not her real sister, but since they get along so well, they treat one another as actual family. Their weapons are said to be holdovers from their lives as assassins, and both Sayaka and Anzu wield them well.

Sayaka's hobby is karaoke, but every time she tries to sing, she gets an irresistible urge to destroy the machine. As such, she's never actually finished a song.


An enormous, strange-looking man who lives in the desert. The bottom half of his body resembles that of a scorpion.

Originally a member of the Baneful Bloodline, Abdul volunteered for a variety of experiments that caused him to lose control of his blood's power, warping his mind and body alike. During the war between Banefuls and Vampirics, he was a mere pawn -- but thanks to his strong body, he was able to hide and survive, even in the harsh desert climate.

Over time, the locals began to secretly regard him as a god of war, and Evange took advantage of his fragile state to rob him of any reason or sense he had left, making him well and truly her servant.

His outfit was given to him by a woman back when he still knew who he was, though he has no recollection of her (nor himself) anymore.

Master Cho[]

A person who once lived in a temple deep within the mountains. No one knows exactly where he learned it, but he seems to be quite knowledgeable about black magic.

One day, after summoning undead spirits, he found he was unable to control them, and they wound up ending his life.

Evange, however, didn't care to leave him in such a state. Intent upon controlling the Jiangshi, she used Baneful Blood to turn him undead, then charged him with guarding the command tower.

Whether or not Master Cho would approve of this transformation is unknown, as he no longer possesses the will to say.


A titanic bio weapon born of the Vampiric Clan in ancient times. It resembles a dragon, and was created specifically as a tool to use against the Baneful Bloodline.

Wielding a large battle axe soaked in copious amounts of blood, Basalmudora also possesses a high intelligence and is capable of fully controlling fireballs. It similar to the Jabberwock in size, but since it has Baneful Blood flowing through it, its Vampiric urge has risen to such an extent that it feeds off of Quetzalcoatl and other large weapons like itself to survive. Ultimately deemed a failure due to its dangerous nature, it was sealed away in a ruin. While Evange was researching the Vampiric Clan, however, she happened upon this ruin and decided to take advantage of the "treasure" sealed within, resurrecting the enormous beast.


A mysterious girl believed to be of Baneful Blood. She's in a perpetual berserk state yet there's no sign she was ever killed and reanimated like so many others. She has, however, begun to zombify, likely due to a bite mark on her neck -- a clear indication that she had a run-in with a Vampiric at some point in time.

She looks similar to someone from Aya and Saki's past, but...could it be? She seems to have lost all sense of self like so many others, yet she retains enough reason to strategize as needed, she understand the tactics of the Baneful's elite, and she has abilities to rival even those of Aya and Saki.

Captured by Evange, she was experimented on day and night with the intent of awakening her Xtatic state. And from the looks of it, that experiment continues to be a massive success...


Short for Evangeline. She is the true creator of Z.P.F. (though few are aware of that fact). Her greatest accomplishment is the formation of a group to control undead spirits, which she intends to use to form a clan that can surpass both the Banefuls and the Vampirics and essentially rule the world.

Evange had a little sister she cared about deeply, but due to the complexity of this world-domination scheme, she was forced to leave her past behind and walk away from her family -- an act that may have contributed to her ever-growing insanity.

Knowing just about everything there is to know about undead spirits and zombies -- and even the Xtatic state -- Evange previously confronted Carmilla with the intention of letting herself be defeated in order to trigger Xtasy mode.

Misha (Xtatic)[]

Due to the cursed steel mask, Misha looks almost the same in her Xtatic state as she does normally. She is completely under Evange's mind control, however, with absolutely no free will of her own.

Her body is notably bigger after transformation, and has changed so much that she could easily be called a monster. Her power has likewise followed suit, increasing to such an extent that ordinary attacks are absolutely useless against her.

On the inside, she is resisting Evange, and as her mental state nears complete destruction, she silently calls out for help...

Evange (Xtatic)[]

Evange's transformed state.

Loves using powerful weapons in battle, but has one major weakness: She's not entirely willing to give up her humanity. She's too proud of who she is and what she represents, and that narcissistic pride is helping keep her from losing what little bit of herself she has left.

On top of that, her power has its limits, and ultimately, it could not win out against the bond shared by the two pairs of sisters.

Perhaps if she hadn't let go of her sister or Misha so easily, her desire for a new world order would have panned out...

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