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2004-2017 Titles Timeline[]

Origins of the Baneful Blood[]

There exist two accounts, not necessarily compatible with each other, about the origin of the Baneful Bloodline.

Dark Ritual Account[]

The first account is about a dark priest who sought to awaken a hidden power within the blood of his people by breaking the law of his clan and conducting a horrific ritual known as the "Alchemy of Blood." By slaughtering all the virgins in the clan, he collected enough blood to fill a coffin. He then impregnated a priestess with dark magic and buried her in the blood-filled coffin for 108 days. The child survived by feeding on the blood while the mother perished. Unfortunately for the priest, the chief of the clan discovered his dark ritual and executed him and his followers. However, the child survived in the soil, feeding on their remains. He grew up and mixed with other clans, passing on the cursed blood to his descendants.[1]

Mutation Account[]

The second account is a simpler one. In ancient Japan, there lived a group of assassins with special blood, called "Baneful Blood," that enhanced their physical abilities. To further refine the power of this blood, these Banefuls mixed it with the blood of a woman who bore strong antibodies, who they then appointed as the leader of their clan. The founding sisters would be regarded as the head family, while all other Banefuls were relegated to branch families. In modern day, Saki is the last surviving descendant of the head family.[2] Banefuls inherently have the ability to raise and control the dead and have used them for sundry ends throughout history.[3]

The War between the Baneful Bloodline and the Vampiric Clan[]

An equally ancient and powerful rival clan to the Baneful Bloodline was the Vampiric Clan, a Romania-based clan of inhuman monsters who can convert their own blood into powerful magic. The two clans fought a bitter war over absolute supremacy for centuries, going so far as to create powerful biological weapons such as Abdul and Basalmudora to combat each other. Nearing modern times, however, the numbers of both clans had been drastically reduced. Despite this, the current leader of the Vampiric Clan, Carmilla, still plotted the eradication of the Baneful Bloodline. She allied with the Bullard Foundation in order to aid her ambition. She also later reluctantly aided the Baneful Evange in her research to unlocking the secrets of Xtasy and Dare Drive, powerful transformations of Banefuls and Vampirics respectively.

Childhoods of Future Undead Hunters[]

Aya and Saki[]

Two members of the Baneful Bloodline, Aya and Saki, were born 5 years apart from each other. They had the same father but different mothers. Aya, the elder sister, despite having lost her mother at a young age, was dearly loved by her father and rigorously trained in swordsmanship. Saki, however, lived apart from Aya, who had no knowledge of her existence. Saki and her mother were treated cruelly by their father, eventually leading to her mother dying from hardship and sickness. This devastating loss would fuel Saki's desire for vengeance against her father and half-sister.

Kagura and Saaya[]

Meanwhile, the actions of a male Vampiric consorting with female members of the Baneful Bloodline were discovered by Carmilla, who then promptly executed her fellow Vampiric. However, his taboo affairs resulted in two children, the elder sister Kagura and the younger sister Saaya, both Vampiric and Baneful half-breeds who had different Japanese mothers. Perhaps as a show of guilt, Carmilla took the two girls in and reared them to be her personal elite warriors. Despite being looked down upon by their fellow Vampirics as filthy half-breeds, the sisters became among the highest-ranking warriors of the Vampiric Clan.

The First Undead Incident[]

Main article: The OneChanbara

One day, a young adult Aya encountered her fatally-wounded father, who told her that he had been attacked by her long-lost sister Saki and her minions whom she had brought back as Undead. Intent on avenging her father, Aya set out on a quest in a zombie-infested Tokyo to find and face her younger sister. After fighting a large Undead man, two zombie schoolgirls, a powerful Undead samurai, and a giant infant monstrosity, Aya encountered Saki in an underground temple. Saki revealed to Aya that the Undead samurai she had defeated earlier was their father that she had turned into a zombie. According to Saki, he was cruel to Saki and her mother, a stark contrast to his genuine love and care for Aya. To avenge her mother's death, Saki killed their father. However, she also wanted to resurrect her mother. To do so, she needed the heart of her hated sister to perform a ritual. To make their circumstances even, Saki also retrieved the corpse of Aya's mother as a sort of game: the winner of their death battle would retrieve the heart of the loser in order to resurrect their respective mother. Aya and Saki then battled each other, with Aya the victor and Saki dying from her wounds. With her dying breath, Saki apologized to Aya for trying to kill her and lamented her beloved mother's death. A sympathetic Aya, perhaps having felt her sisterly instincts kick in, scrambled to save Saki. Saki, although appreciative of Aya's thoughts, was content with reuniting with her mother in the afterlife.

The Second Undead Incident[]

Main article: The Onechanbara 2

Aya, having felt sympathy for Saki and perhaps realizing her duty as an older sister, dragged Saki out of the underground temple and brought her to a hospital for treatment. 49 days passed with Saki in a coma. Her condition worsened, forcing her to be relocated for emergency treatment. However, Saki went missing, and the walls of the ambulance relocating Saki were splattered with blood. Aya, with a worrisome feeling in her chest, set out to look for her. Despite Undead terrorizing Tokyo once again, Aya arrives in the nick of time to prevent a mysterious woman from assassinating Saki. The woman, Reiko, was under the orders of a mysterious organization to kill Saki, having believed that she was once again the source of the zombies. Aya however didn't believe this, instead assuming that another member of the Baneful Bloodline was responsible for the current Undead incident. Aya and Saki then teamed up with Reiko and eventually encountered the mastermind behind the second Undead incident, Eva. Eva's intention was to target Saki with her Undead minions in order to break the seal on her blood and force the sisters to kill each other. Eva would have then retrieved Saki's blood for herself. Although Eva's original plan failed, she was more than content to kill the three girls herself. Unfortunately for her, she was slain by the three. Despite this victory, Aya and Saki could not rest as Reiko retrieved Eva's heart for herself and devoured it, gaining powerful Baneful abilities and betraying the sisters. The final battle resulted in the defeat of Reiko. After Reiko revealed that her actions were the intentions of the mysterious organization, whom also sought the Baneful Blood, Aya promptly delivered a blow to the back of Reiko's neck with her katana.

The Third Undead Incident[]

Main article: Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

After their battle with Reiko, Aya and Saki attempted to live a normal life together as sisters. However, this was not meant to be as Tokyo was thrust into a third Undead incident. Wading through zombie-infested streets, the two sisters encountered a man in a business suit, Ying, and defeated him, forcing him to reveal that he was working for Himiko, the leader of the mysterious organization. The Organization was after Saki's Baneful Blood. Before Aya could kill Ying, the sisters were ambushed by Yang, another member of the Organization, consequently leading to Saki's capture. Fortunately, Anna, a soldier under the Zombie Punitive Force (Z.P.F.), later rescued Saki, and the two afterwards met up with Aya. The three then banded together to face more of the Organization's minions: Flegge, the tallest of Himiko's Aides; David, the leader of her Aides who was in actuality Anna's brother who had been zombified and mind-controlled; and Misery, a psychopathic member of the Baneful Bloodline who allied with the Organization to obtain more Baneful Blood and wielded a large, serrated sword. Reiko also returned, alive because of the blow to her neck having been administered by the back end of Aya's katana as a form of mercy. As repayment for Aya's mercy, Reiko summoned her clones to attack Aya, but Aya came out victorious, defeating both Reiko and her clones. Aya, Saki, and Anna eventually infiltrated the Organization's secret island base and confronted Himiko, the mastermind behind the third Undead incident whose intention was to utilize the power of the Baneful Blood to gain immortality and rule the world. Despite wielding eldritch powers, the old and frail Himiko was no match for the three. To gain the upperhand, she drank a pouch of Saki's blood, regaining her once youthful appearance and gaining even more eldritch, blood-based abilities. Despite Himiko's power, she was ultimately defeated by the girls. The victory was short-lived however, as Misery appeared before them, having drunken the blood of the corpses of Himiko and her Aides and becoming even more psychopathic from her bloodlust. Despite Misery achieving a powerful Berserk Form, Aya, Saki, and Anna seemingly cut her down, finally concluding the third Undead incident. Afterwards, Aya and Saki decided to work for Z.P.F., regularly receiving jobs from Anna.

What If?: Differing Accounts of a Fourth Undead Incident[]

Main article: Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

Given the character-specific plotlines of Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers, the canonicity of the following events is questionable.

Aya and Saki Accounts[]

After the defeat of the wicked Himiko, Aya and Saki found themselves once again caught in another Undead incident. This time they were separated from each other, fighting their way through Undead while worrying for the safety of the other. Reiko on the other hand continued her experiments and research on the Baneful Blood, using the sisters as lab rats, while Misery was miraculously revived, having successfully attained a certain amount of immortality. At the end of Aya's account, she fought and defeated Reiko, who hinted to the true purpose of the Baneful Blood before dying. At the end of Saki's account, she fought and defeated Misery, who hinted to the true purpose of the Undead before dying.

Reiko and Misery Accounts[]

Reiko and Misery's accounts revealed the true purpose and relationship between the Baneful Blood and the Undead. The original Reiko began her research into the Baneful Blood bright-eyed, wishing to unveil its secrets for the benefit of humanity. In the clone Reiko's account, she sought to honor the original Reiko's wish, subduing Saki and Aya without killing them in order to save them whilst preventing them from fulfilling the true purpose of the Baneful Blood and wiping out humanity. In Misery's account on the other hand, with her newfound immortality, she discarded the Undead, who were originally purposed as substitutes in quelling the bloodthirst of Banefuls. Misery then targeted the original trigger of Berserk Baneful Blood, human blood. After having come to the conclusion that humanity must be enslaved and carefully fed upon to eternally maintain her immortality, she killed Aya and Saki under the belief that everyone she feeds on will be happy together inside of her.

What If?: The Yamata Ruins[]

Main article: Onechanbara Special

Given that OneeChanbara SPECIAL's story is set in an alternate dimension and that the presence of certain characters is at odds with their fates in Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, the canonicity of the following events is questionable.

Aya, Saki, Anna, and Reiko became trapped in the Yamata Ruins, a pocket dimension removed from normal time flow, and lost their memories. Over time however, they slowly regained enough memories to recall their relationships with each other and banded together to face the one responsible for their amnesiac circumstances, Himiko, although they didn't recognize her. After defeating Himiko, the four were not able to retrieve the rest of their memories, but the party split in two to each find their own way out of the ruins, with Anna following Reiko, and Aya and Saki sticking together. Suddenly, Misery ambushed the unsuspecting sisters.

An alternate account of the battle with Himiko included Misery as part of the group facing off against her. Furthermore, Himiko obtained a powerful transformation but was ultimately defeated by the five.

Chapter Z: The First Global Undead Incident[]

Main article: OneChanbara Z: Kagura

A new Undead incident had broken out, and this time the outbreak had covered the entire world. The instigator of the global Undead incident was Carmilla, who framed Aya and Saki to deflect suspicion. Under Carmilla's orders, Kagura and Saaya were sent to Japan to eliminate the Baneful sisters. As Kagura and Saaya progressed to Babel Tokyo Tower, Carmilla and her assistant Bullard carefully viewed the Vampiric sisters' progress from her throne in Vlan Castle. When Kagura and Saaya finally encountered Aya and Saki, the Baneful sisters attempted to convince the Vampiric sisters of Carmilla's deception. However, Kagura's hotheadedness forced an inevitable battle between the two pairs of sisters. Suddenly, Bullard arrived atop a military plane to ambush the girls with missiles, causing Babel Tokyo Tower to collapse and seemingly kill them. When Z.P.F. arrived at the aftermath of the destruction, only Kagura and Saaya were found alive. Aya and Saki's bodies on the other hand were never found and therefore the sisters were presumed dead. Having realized Carmilla's deception and betrayal, Kagura and Saaya trained as Z.P.F. soldiers for six months. The time had finally arrived to travel to Romania and infiltrate Vlan Castle. After defeating a Vampiric-turned Bullard and Carmilla's most powerful minion, the Jabberwock, the Vampiric sisters finally arrived to her throne room to confront her. Although Saaya wished to avoid battle with their adoptive mother by theorizing that the creation of Undead in Vlan Castle was solely Bullard's doing, Carmilla proudly unveiled her ambition to wipe out all Banefuls and preserve the purity and future of the Vampiric Clan. Fed up with the charade, Kagura and Saaya battled Carmilla, forcing her to transform into her true, monstrous powerful form. However, the Vampiric sisters ultimately slew their adoptive mother, finally completing their mission. Alive and well, Aya and Saki came out from the shadows, having earlier been detected by Kagura and Saaya. Despite the true mastermind of the global Undead incident having been exposed and defeated, Kagura was still eager to settle the score back from their battle in Babel Tokyo Tower. Aya and Saki were happy to oblige, while Saaya expressed dissatisfaction at their continued rivalry.

Chapter Z2: The Second Global Undead Incident[]

Main article: Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

After defeating their treacherous adoptive mother, Kagura and Saaya renewed their battle with Aya and Saki, wishing to settle the score between their rivalry. However, they were suddenly attacked by Misha, a mysterious girl with a large, serrated sword. She slammed her sword onto the throne room floor, causing it to collapse beneath the girls' feet. Before falling into the abyss, Aya took note of a green-haired woman sitting in Carmilla's throne. The older sisters were separated from their younger sisters, each pair of sisters forced to work together to survive. Fortunately Anna contacted both pairs to guide them in their respective escapes. In the underground catacombs, Kagura and Aya encountered large, demonic moles that critically wounded a boastful Kagura. Although Aya attempted to save her, Kagura bit into her neck to drain her blood. This action lead to a powerful transformation in Kagura, the immensely powerful Vampiric form Dare Drive. With her newfound power, Kagura decimated the moles and threw one of their bodies to create a hole in the ceiling. Subsequently she launched a distressed Aya as part of their escape. Meanwhile, Saaya and Saki were thrust into a pocket hell dimension. Eventually they escaped the dimension to arrive in the Romanian town outside Vlan Castle. There they once again encountered Misha, who attacked the two and critically injured Saaya. Kagura and Saaya arrived in the nick of time, with Kagura witnessing Saaya's injury and cursing Misha. Aya on the other hand advised Saki to allow Saaya to drain her blood. Saki reluctantly agreed to this, leading to Saaya transforming into her own Dare Drive form. The combined power of the four girls overwhelmed Misha and forced her to retreat. Afterwards, Anna contacted the four to inform them of high-profile Undead targets in five locations throughout the world. After their globe-trotting missions, Anna informed them of the reconstruction of Vlan Castle. Puzzled by this development, the girls returned to the throne room of Vlan Castle to face the mastermind of the second global Undead incident, a green-haired Baneful woman named Evange. She welcomed the four girls as "princesses" and revealed that she was behind the revival of the five Undead beings the girls fought earlier. Aya then surmised that the targets were a diversion for an unknown motive. After Evange escaped the girls, Anna informed them that Misha had infiltrated the Z.P.F. headquarters and zombified its personnel, confirming Aya's suspicions. When the four girls arrived at the headquarters, Misha attacked all four of them. Suddenly, due to the bite wound on their necks from Kagura and Saaya, Aya and Saki transformed into their own powerful Baneful transformations, Xtasy. Misha was forced to escape once again, with the four girls giving chase. At the helipad on the rooftop of the headquarters, the girls encountered both Evange and Misha before the former escaped on a helicopter and the latter transformed into her own Xtatic Form. Despite this, Misha was defeated by the girls and fell over the rooftop, her mask breaking and revealing that she was actually Misery, who was thought to have been slain by Aya, Saki, and Anna at the end of the third Undead incident in Japan. Anna then came into contact with the girls to inform them that Evange was hiding out in her research facility on a remote island. The girls infiltrated the island facility and encountered Evange in her own throne room. Despite revealing that it was her ambition to unite the Baneful Bloodline and Vampiric Clan into one clan made up of powerful Banefuls and Vampires and create a new utopian world order, the girls rejected her world domination scheme and battled her, forcing her to enter Xtatic Form but was ultimately slain. After the battle, the two pairs of sisters agreed to a peaceful truce. Anna then came into contact with the girls to unveil Evange's desire to unlock the secrets of Xtasy and Dare Drive. She also revealed that Misery was her younger sister. Despite the mastermind of the second global Undead incident being defeated, Undead suddenly appeared before the girls, signally that this was far from the end of their exciting zombie-slaying adventures.

The Undead Incident at Kirisaku Academy[]

Main article: School Girl/Zombie Hunter

Kirisaku Academy was overrun by a zombie outbreak that also encompassed the town. Five students were stranded in the school, left only with their wits, club skills, and firearms to survive. Sayuri Akiha, Risa Kubota, Mayaya Himeji, Enami Kamijo, and Rei Kanazaki were forced to work together to discover the cause behind the school's outbreak and the electronic jamming preventing their escape, aided only by Anna of Z.P.F. via radio communication and care relief packages. They eventually discovered that it was the sentient Undead Ren who masterminded the school zombie incident and intended to create Copy Zombies, Undead copies of live people that perfectly mimicked the copied person's abilities. Despite constantly battling the Copy versions of themselves, the girls successfully planted bombs in Ren's underground laboratory and demolished it, allowing the girls to call for extraction. Furious with the destruction of his lab, Ren faced the five girls with his Copy Zombie minions and attempted to thwart their escape. In the end, he was slain by the five girls, and they were successfully extracted via helicopter. They met with Anna at Z.P.F., who both scolded and commended them for their bravery and survival skills.

2019 Title Timeline[]

ORIGIN of the Baneful Blood[]

In ancient Japan, there lived a clan of assassins with a special mutation that allowed them to stimulate their own blood to perform feats beyond peak physical conditioning. The sisters of the clan chief were the first to exhibit this special ability. Wanting to replicate this special blood in other people, the sisters conducted trials to inject their blood in other members of the clan. Unfortunately, men went mad from the trials while only women showed successful inheritance of the special blood's abilities due to female-only antibodies that protected them from going insane. This tragedy was what led to the name "Baneful Blood."

Those whose blood was closest to that of the founding sisters made up the head family of the Baneful Bloodline, while all other members were relegated to branch families. During a certain incident, one of the branch families attempted to strengthen their blood to gain dominance over the clan, but the head family discovered this plot and executed the branch family, leading to a shrinkage of the clan.[4][5]

Throughout history, families in the Baneful Bloodline held onto a twisted tradition that forced blood sisters of age to fight each other to the death. The victor would be able to carry on her bloodline. The younger Anzu and the older Sayaka were two such sisters bound to this cruel fate. Sayaka slew Anzu and forever regretted it.

ORIGIN of the Baneful Undead Hunters[]

Main article: OneeChanbara ORIGIN

By the time of Aya's birth, Undead had already been a common infestation in Japan. Cities like Tokyo had become wastelands filled with Undead. The organization Uroboros sought to research the Undead and the Baneful Blood for nefarious purposes, while the assassins Oboro and Tsubaki sought to combat Uroboros and prevent the misuse of their Baneful Blood. Unfortunately, a severe leg injury forced Tsubaki to retire while Oboro was left to continue assassin work by himself. Eventually, Oboro and Tsubaki bore two children, first Aya and then Saki 5 years later. To prevent their beloved daughters from participating in the Baneful tradition of sister death battles, Oboro and Tsubaki pretended that Aya and Saki were only half-sisters. Furthermore, they split the family apart: Oboro stayed with Aya while Tsubaki left with Saki. This split led Saki to resent her father and her "half-sister." Both parents trained their respective daughters in their fighting styles, Aya in the way of the sword and Saki in Tsubaki's own special "mortal combat" martial arts. Unfortunately, one day, Tsubaki was murdered by another member of the Baneful Bloodline, Eva. With no knowledge yet of this "Eva" person, both Oboro and Saki were devastated by Tsubaki's death. In response, Oboro lost control of his Baneful Blood. However, before it could completely consume him, he vowed to avenge Tsubaki's death by finding and killing her murderer. Saki, on the other hand, was telepathically contacted by Eva, who tricked Saki into believing that it was her own father who killed her mother because he cared more for his previous lover's daughter, Aya. Eva also informed Saki of a ritual that she could use to resurrect her mother with the heart of her hated sister. Saki trained for two years in the way of the sword in preparation of killing her father and sister. Meanwhile, when Oboro disappeared from her life, Aya set out to become a zombie hunter with the intention of finding both her father and sister. She came in contact with a woman named Lei, who offered to help her find her family in exchange for taking on Undead extermination jobs. After two years of fruitless searching, Aya finally received a hint in the form of an ominous email message from Saki.

Thanks to a tip from Lei, Aya began her search for Saki in an abandoned hospital. After dealing with two Undead schoolgirls, Aya surprisingly ran into her Berserk-stricken father. After having his senses knocked back into him, he revealed to Aya her true relationship to her younger sister Saki as true blood sisters. Oboro vowed to save Saki from Eva's brainwashing, but his Baneful Blood was taking too much of a toll on him. In response, Aya agreed to her father's request and continued her search for Saki. After an unnerving conversation with Lei and a battle with the giant Undead infant Ubie, Aya encountered Saki at an underground temple. An emotionally-charged battle between Aya and Saki ended with Saki's defeat. However, contrary to Saki's expectations, Aya did not kill her, instead convincing Saki of their relationship as real sisters and reassuring her of their family's faithfulness to each other. After reburying their mother, Aya and Saki set out to search for their father. In the Asakusa district of Tokyo, the sisters were joined up with Lei as they continued the search for their father. After missing several chances with meeting up with their father, the three eventually came across a magical door that led to Eva's hideout. Lei however let the sisters go on ahead of her, reassuring them that she would be right behind them. Unfortunately, Oboro encountered Eva first and did battle with her. Hot on the clock, Aya and Saki traversed Eva's hideout, eventually encountering women that looked eerily like Lei. Lei contacted Aya to reveal that they, including herself, were clones created by Uroboros. She however cursed their intended purpose, promising that she would break away from her fate. This greatly perplexed the sisters, but they had little time to ponder it as they finally encountered their father who had reached his limit controlling his Baneful Blood. Oboro lost him mind and transformed into his Xtatic Form, forcing his daughters to fight and kill him. Proud of what his daughters had become, Oboro instilled in the both of them the duty to protect the weak before disappearing. With little time to grieve their father, Aya and Saki reached the end of the hideout to face Eva, the one responsible for destroying their family. After battling and defeating Eva, Lei appeared all of a sudden to rip Eva's heart out of her chest before throwing her towards the water and shooting her in the forehead with a bullet. Lei revealed that she had just destroyed her fellow clones and Uroboros, declaring that she had become the "Origin." Not satisfied with that alone, she devoured Eva's heart with the intention of becoming a person like Aya. Witnessing Lei going insane from the influx of Baneful power, Aya promised to end her suffering. In the end, a fatally-wounded Lei lamented not becoming like Aya. Aya however assured her that she was just fine as herself. Satisfied with Aya's answer, Lei peacefully smiled and disappeared. Although saddened, Aya looked to the sky.

Afterwards, Aya and Saki brought Oboro's sword to Tsubaki's grave to reunite their parents. After praying, the two sisters walked off together, promising their parents that they would continue to fight on.


  • The origin of the Baneful Blood as written on the official Japanese and English sites of OneeChanbara ORIGIN is a fusion of both the Dark Ritual Account (THE OneeChanbara 2) and the Mutation Account (Onechanbara Z2: Chaos).


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