Main character
Character Information
Age: Unknown
Weapon: Chainsaw, Knuckles, Mace, Claws.
Date of Birth Unknown
Height Unknown

Saaya is the secondary protagonist of Onechanbara Z: Kagura, younger sister of Kagura. Both of them are a dhampirs of the Vampiric Clan. Intelligent and soft-spoken, Saaya's tall frame also harbors immense strength, sufficient enough to wield her trusty chainsaw (lovingly named "Jayson"). This strength is also displayed in her barehanded grappling as well as the use of a mace.

Saaya (as well as Kagura) is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.


Saaya serves as a foil to Kagura's devil-may-care approach to everything, though her efforts to mediate often end up failing due to her lack of assertiveness. She is friendly, caring and has an uncanny knack for quickly analyzing the situation and relaying it to her older sister in an easy-to-digest manner. Despite this, Saaya still retains a certain degree of innocence. Saaya is also known to be frightened easily (as shown in Z: Kagura when asked by Kagura to challenge a monster, she slightly jumps back in fear while exclaiming.). Like Kagura, she also despise Queen Carmilla.