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Ubie (ウビー Ubī?) is a boss character that first appeared in THE OneeChanbara, although it was initially unnamed. It makes a return with a deeper backstory in OneeChanbara ORIGIN.


OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Ubie was a project of Uroboros, created from the ovum of a female researcher and the sperm of a man already turning Undead. To be born, it ate out of the womb of its own mother. Although initially the same size as any typical newborn, it doubled in size in a few days, from which it grew even larger. It started attacking researchers, turning them into Undead as well. Eventually it became so dangerous and uncontrollable that a culvert was destroyed to seal off the hospital ward.[1] Of course, that didn't stop Ubie from escaping and making a home out of the nearby sewers.


THE OneeChanbara[]

Deep in the underground temple, Aya encounters the large undead infant Ubie lying in a large bed. She does battle with the creature and eventually defeats it before continuing on her path towards her sister and nemesis Saki.

OneeChanbara ORIGIN[]

Deep in the sewers, Aya encounters a sleeping Ubie on a plateau in the center of a large circular room. The large door leading to Saki is blocked off, forcing Aya to sneak around Ubie and look for another way. Unfortunately, Aya reaches a dead end that leads to an Undead ambush. Afterwards, a small earthquake shakes the room, indicating that Ubie had become agitated. Aya realizes she must defeat the creature to advance on her path. With the aid of advice from Lei, Aya battles and defeats Ubie, resulting in the large door no longer being blocked off. Finally Aya is able to reach Saki.

A few days later, despite being seemingly killed by Aya, Ubie in fact survived the battle and was able to leave its abode and tunnel itself outside from under a road in Asakusa. Aya, Saki, and Lei encounter Ubie at the ruined Sensō-ji Temple and fight it before killing it once and for all.


  • Acid: Ubie's piranha plant-like umbilical cords are able to spew damaging acid.
  • Sheer Size: Ubie's immense size lends to its extremely powerful hand slams and body slams. It is also able to summon a hidden umbilical cord that it can swing around as another attack.
  • Laser Beam: Ubie can shoot a powerful laser beam from its third eye. Contact with surfaces causes explosions.


  • Ubie's gender is unknown.



  1. OneeChanbara ORIGIN Character Profile: Ubie

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