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Vampirics (吸血族 Kyuuketsu Zoku, Bloodsucking Clan) are members of an ancient and powerful, but cursed bloodline called the Vampiric Clan, rumored to be connected to that of the Banefuls. Those that carry the blood are given access to powerful abilities and are granted a degree of immortality, extending to the ability of healing damage done to themselves. 

Notable members of the Vampiric Clan:[]



A bloodline that achieved its power through consuming the blood of others over the years, all Vampirics are nigh-immortal, superhuman entities imbued with a wide range of abilities that place them at the top of the proverbial food-chain. Though they share skills with that of the Banefuls, such as super strength, speed, durability, and energy manipulation, Vampirics have a slight edge past their rivals due to their uncanny ability of self-regeneration. Though they are not unbeatable, their ability to immediately reverse all damage done to themselves, coupled with their extreme durability and lethal instincts make them incredibly tough targets to kill.

Vamp Skills[]

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Vampirics are able to convert their blood into magical manifestations of physical objects such as knives, heatseeking missiles, giant mallets, and even nuclear bombs.

Dare Drive[]

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Vampirics possess the ability to transform into an exponentially more powerful, beastly version of themselves, Dare Drive, a transformation only rivaled by the legendary Baneful transformation Xtasy.

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